Family Law

Parenting matters, property matters, divorce and domestic violence applications.

Parenting issues, following separation, typically concerns with whom children live and under what circumstances and conditions. Other issues include parental responsibility and decision-making, potential relocation interstate, communication  between the parties, electronic communication between parents and their children, the division of holidays, dealing with emergencies, and numerous other issues. We can further advise you in relation to parenting orders, parenting plans, and a range of counselling and other mediation services provided by relevant organisations.

Property matters, following separation, typically concerns the division of assets including superannuation. Related issues may include spousal maintenance (sometimes referred to as alimony), and potentially child support. We also offer a property conveyancing service.
Divorce (or simply separation if you are not married) is an important concept in family law. Not only can we obtain a divorce for you if necessary, we will provide you with advice about relevant timelines relating to divorce and separation, in the context of
property settlement.

Domestic violence applications and orders under both the Federal Family Law Act and local legislation (the Domestic and Family Violence Act NT) are also not uncommon in the Northern Territory.

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